PepVPN Star config to allow clients to communicate to eachother


Hi all-

We are setting up a set of 10 remote monitoring sites (windows computer) using Max BR1 MK2 and have the HUB using a MAX ENT (central logging and mgmt). We have cell connections on all of the units but only the MAX ENT (Hub) has a Static IP from the Cell provider. We can make a Star PEPVPN connection from the clients to the Hub and the clients can access resources on the Hub network (send data to ports, ssh, etc). We would like resources on the HUB be able to connect (Windows Remote Desktop, SSH, etc) to each of the clients but simple pings fail. I’m sure its something with the routing but I’m not sure where to start. Here is a sample IP schema for our LAN networks. - Hub - Client 1 - Client 2
etc… x 10 clients

Our other option was to use a FusionHub on a regular internet connection and have our central logging connect to it as well but then none of the clients could access the central logging resources. Any help you can provide would be helpful.



Hello @Dustman1977,
There is a vast range of good articles & postings here in the forum sharing successful ways to make this work. You may like to search through the Knowledge Base as well as articles & post written by @MartinLangmaid to help you.

Another great resource to you is your supplier of your Peplink equipment, only Certified Peplink Partners are allowed to supply Peplink Equipment as they have team members who are trained to be able to help you make your solution come to life and work successfully.

Another great tool to help you roll out SpeedFusion in a Star topology is Peplink’s InControl2 platform as it will automate a lot of the programming and routeing requirements.

If you get stuck, feel welcome to reach out again here in the forum.
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From the sounds of it,I suspect either the device you are using at the hub site to initiate the RDP / SSH sessions to the remote sites or the device you are trying to connect to at the remote sites is likely not using their local BR1 as its gateway.

If you have a PepVPN up with green lights on (the webui dashboards of the respective BR1s) between the remote site and the Hub site then traffic should just route, You can test this by logging into the hub site BR1, going to system tools on the web ui and using the Ping tool to ping the LAN ip of a remote BR1. If that ping works then it is a routing configuration issue, but most likely on the LAN side devices rather than the BR1s.