PepVPN/SpeedFusion Throughput


Dear Support,

Do you have any plans for increasing the PepVPN/SpeedFusion Throughput on your devices?


Charris Lappas


Hi Charris,

Don’t worry this is in our planning. Stay tuned.


Hi Charris, which models are you referring to? And what is your target throughput for those? If you can also share your applications, that will be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Keith,

Our setup is slightly different than the majority of your setups. In our case we have leased lines between our offices and we use the Layer 2 Speedfusion over these private lines, so the Peplink devices are not connected over the Internet. We use the Peplink devices for the encryption as well as to prioritize connections in case of failure and redirect traffic in case of a disaster to our DR site. We have found it very stable and solid solution!
We have speeds from 10mbps (that the 210 and 310 models carry) to 60mbps that a 380 Peplink device can handle. We have some projects now that we will use speeds from 100mbps to 300mbps and to buy devices that cost several thousands of dollars is a negative factor for us. If it is not limited by hardware performance we would like to see the speeds of a 210-310 models up to 60mbps, 380 up to 160mbps and 580 to 200mbps.

Charris Lappas


Hi Charris,

Thank you for sharing the info with us. Your use case is interesting and for sure SpeedFusion performance is largely bound by hardware capability. As we release new hardware revisions and software optimizations, SpeedFusion performance will be improved over time. We will study the numbers for product planning.

Thanks again,