Pepvpn routing problem

I configured a vpn link between two sites seat and branch, but the routing does not work,
seat LAN IP 155.236.x.x/16
branch LAN IP 172.0.32.x/24

from the seat LAN i can ping the LAN, and in the banch i can too ping the address of firewall, but not 155.236.x.x LAN of the seat.
my question is these routes will be routed to vpn or to internet, in balance 310 ?


Please refer to the article in our Knowledge Base, Design and Implement Peplink SpeedFusion Site-to-Site VPN with Drop-in mode for your deployment.

The Peplink should be placed between the Firewall and ISP Router (IP: subnet.

Thanks and regards.

we have refered the article, and we tested this deployment it’s work cerrectly, the speedfusion established and we can ping the branch Lan from The seat LAN, but in the branch LAN to seat LAN ping don’t work,

and why we are deployed this design is the client want the firewall to be first interface to internet not peplink

Can you share the latest network diagram with IP addresses? As mentioned by Wei-Ming, the placement of your Balance 380 in the provided diagram doesn’t seem to correct. The Dropped-in LAN and WAN IP should be same which is 210.10.10.x, not