PepVPN Question

Site A: Balance 20 (1 public static) LAN Data/native = LAN VoIP/ID 10 =

  • Inter vlan are enabled for both LANs

Site B: Balance 20 (Dynamic public IP) LAN Data/native = LAN VoIP/ID 20 =

  • Inter vlan are enabled for both LANs

*There is 1 server a each location that both locations need access to.
*Phones talk to Hosted Data Center
*PepVPN is connected and both sides have NAT disabled in the PepVPN profile.


  1. 1 locations had a power outage and came back up and Site A computers were getting the 172 scheme and vise versa for Site B. How does that happen?
  2. I don’t want either of the VoIP subnets passing through the PepVPN profile because they are talking to hosted data centers. How do I fix this?



This is strange and should not happen. I suspect there is another DHCP server at Site A native vlan. Have you check the DHCP server for 172.x.x.x by using ipconfig/all (Windows PC) as below? Same IP with Site B native Vlan DHCP server?

You may configure Internal Network Firewall Rules (Network > Access Rule > Internal Network Firewall Rules) as below.

Site A

Site B

Hope this help.

Thanks a lot.