PepVPN not utilizing all connections on 1350 Balanced

I am noticing that our Comcast link is not consistently in use on the 1350 at my data center.

The Comcast link shows it is connected on the Dashboard but in PepVPN tunnels is shows as in standby while it others it shows down:


Device Information
Model: Peplink Balance 1350
Firmware: 8.0.0 build 2636

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On the pepvpn where the comcast is in standby check the pepvpn profile as it could well be set as a lower priority there.

ON the pepvpn where it says not available, vpn traffic is not routable to the comcast link by the device at the other end. Are these devices on isolated MPLS peer to peer wifi links? Any chance the remote device doesn’t have a path to the IP on this comcast WAN?

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Thanks for the reply.
Comcast is not a lower priority all links are equally weighted see below. I thought about disabling the MPLS links for this remote office but hesitated as that will likely cause all the tunnels to rebuild which I did not want to do.

We are currently a mix of some sites on MPLS with an broadband internet backup.
Some sites have Dedicated Internet with BB backup. We’re transitioning all locations to Dedicated Internet with BB backup eliminating the MPLS completely right now.
Level 3 BB is a DIA link at my data center so the location where Comcast is “Not Available” the BB link from that site is talking to Level 3 DIA without any issues so there is no reason it should not be able to talk to Comcast as well. In fact that remote site is just up the road from my office and has Comcast so that should be a fast path staying on Comcast’s network which is why I would like that link to be working.

As you can see below some sites that are DIA and BB only are using both Level 3 and Comcast currently.

I do have 2 1350s in HA I rebooted the slave and then then master to cause a fail over (wish there was a button to manually do that) to see if that fixed this but it did not, there has been no change from my post yesterday.

You need to log a ticket. The status capture showed that the comcast link was in a lower priority, if the config has all the WANs in Priority 1 then you need engineering to go and have a poke and find out whats going on.

MPLS providers can screw with traffic very easily. I’d ask engineering to check this too.

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Thanks I did resolve this with help from @ahammond
I did not realize both offices had Comcast link NATed. I changed it to a Static on the 1350 and now it is working as expected.
I forgot you had to have a public IP on at least 1 side.
I believe the 1350 got NATed some time ago by our security team.