PepVPN limit of 2 links on Small office routers is confining

My bad for not reading the specs more carefully.

Bought 2 Balance 20s and 2 SoHo routers.

First connected the 2 Balance 20 routers with PepVPN. Works great. Solid.
Then tried to connect the 2 SoHo routers to one Balance 20.
First connected easy. Got connection limit message when trying the second. Sad.
Maybe I could use IPSec but SoHo has no IPSec. Again my bad for not going through the specs…
Finally connected second SoHo to second Balance 20.
Okay for now, but no room for future expansion. using SoHo routers.
I guess I will have to buy another Balance 20 and connect through IPSec instead of PepVPN for two more connections.
Or jump all the way to a Model 305 or 380 which is way above my weight class.

I would happily pay for a license increase to get more PepVPN connections. But that is not an option.

Otherwise, very happy with performance of Balance 20 and Soho units.

Thank you for supporting Peplink. Your suggestion is good. However, Balance 20 and Surf Soho are designed for Branch/Small Office. The device may overload if adding more tunnels on it. So, Balance 305 is your choice.

Thank you for your understanding.