PepVPN Layer 2 Isolation

I am familiar with the layer 3 PepVPN but can someone maybe explain exactly what layer 2 PepVPN isolation is used for? I was able to use it with a Balance One and a Surf Soho and utilize the Balance One’s Native VLAN as the DHCP server for both locations but wasn’t able to Tag IP Phones with VLAN 20 /24 subnet I made in Balance One for just phones at the Soho end. What is a good scenario for the PepVPN Layer 2 isolation?


PepVPN layer 2 isolation is used to block connections/communications between site to site end.

Assume that you have the following layer 2 PepVPN star topology deployment:

Site1 <–L2 PepVPN–> Centre Site <-L2 PepVPN-> Site2

You can enable PepVPN L2 Isolation at the Centre Site to block the connections/communication between Site1 <–> Site2.

Thank You

I see, thanks.