Pepvpn in Router Utility

Hi there,

I have at the moment one 380 and one 210 in high-availability mode in our office and 1 Surf Soho in a remote location under tests.

The tests are going well and the plan is to replicate this in to other locations.

I am using Pepvpn between the remote site and the office and up to the moment, this proves to be a very good solution for what I pretend.

I also enjoy very much the Router Utility and have it installed in my Android Tablet and smartphone and this is a very usefull tool.

However, to have it working properly, I needed to implement a PPTP VPN in the 380 and also need to activate the VPN in my Android’s everytime I want to check my routers using Router Utility because:

  • The 210 is a Slave in High-availability, so, only accessible in local LAN
  • In the Surf Soho I don’t have a fix IP address, so only available also over LAN.

So, my question is if you could implement a Pepvpn client in the router utility in a way that, everytime I start the router utility, it also start the pepvpn client and connects to my 380 in my office (where I have 2 internet connections, each one with it’s fix IP).

This way, I didn’t need also to start the vpn session in my Androids.

NOTE: I the future, if we move forward and install a peplink/pepwave device in each remote location, I will want every one on my support team to have Router Utility running in their smartphone, and this is why I prefer that the all setup is as smoth as possible.

Best Regards

Nuno Olivença