PepVPN - IC2 vs. per-service setup - hit-and-miss with IC2

B30 - WANs via cable and bonded DSL - US (metropolitan) location
B30LTE - WANs via satellite, cellular (Verizon LTE) - US (mountain) location
B20 - WAN via DSL - Europe (remote) location
pepVPN between the B30 and each other two others
When I configure the PepVPN manually (for each pair at their local network admin page) the VPN connections start without trouble.

When I configure the same pairs using IC2, it is more of a hit and miss: Sometimes the connections get established, sometimes not. There is no apparent pattern as to when it works and when it does not.

The WAN choice priorities are the same in both cases.

Any suggestions?

PS: A peeve: Why, oh, why, does IC2 insist on renaming the PepVPN local IDs when I use it to set up the connections? They wipe out my own identifiers, making the shift from local PepVPN configurations to IC2 and back very painful.

Hi Zergor_mjol,

I’ve tried to replicate the issue on our test devices without success, so I’ve created a support ticket (#770961) for your issue. You should receive an email shortly to the admin account you registered with peplink with a few questions so I can create a more accurate test scenario.

Thank you,

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hey zegor,

our experience learns that its best to either only use IC2 or manual for some reason with firmware 7.0 using both methods at the same time without a reset is giving issues.

When changing from a manual strategy to an IC2-based strategy one should reboot all the devices? And similarly when changing back to manual? (Just want to make sure I understand “reset” properly.) (I don’t think one can mix the two - IC2 wipes out all the manual PepVPN settings.)

hey zegor,

What i ment is that you either configure it in incontroll2 or manual its not adviced to use both methods. Resets wont be needed. just be sure that you only use one of the two methods.

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