Pepvpn graphs remote wan bug

Hi guys,

We noticed a bug in the pepvpn graphs today where the remote WAN graph shows incorrectly. When swapping between local and remote the same info is displayed where we would expect the information to be inverted.

Also for future firmware could you look at making the export button allow download of a CSV of all the information as it would be more useful than the PNG it currently provides.


@TK_Liew nudge.

Actually this is by the design. Local WAN / Remote WAN is showing how SpeedFusion sum up the data. It’s still from the local device point of view. So, the direction is not changed.

Do let us know if you think something can be improved here.


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Yeah for me the the TX and RX need to be the other way round for it to make sense as it should be showing the inverse of what the local WAN is showing.
I really think though that the best improvement would be to get the ability to download the graph data in a CSV to allow us to better visualise the data.


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