PepVPN disconnect causes two problems

Running a Surf SOHO with firmware 6.2.0 build 1644
It has a PepVPN connection to a Balance 20 the whole time the below situation happens. No issues there.

It had a PepVPN connection to another Surf SOHO running firmware 6.2.1 and disconnecting that caused two problems.

The connection to the other Surf SOHO uses a receive-only VPN profile. My terminology, not yours. By this I mean that the Remote IP address field is blank. The Surf SOHO running 6.2.1 connects into the problematic 6.2.0 Surf SOHO. From the Surf SOHO running 6.2.1, I disabled the VPN profile to break the link.

Then I logged into the Surf SOHO running 6.2.0 to disable the PepVPN profile that was no longer being used.

First issue, is that the 6.2.0 Surf SOHO is running flat out at 100% cpu utilization. This continues to be true the whole time, until I eventually reboot it. A screen shot is attached. The now disconnected Pepvpn profile has a status of “starting…”

The other issue has to do with disabling the Pepvpn profile that is no longer being used. I could not.
Long story:

After unchecking the Active checkbox, instead of immediately applying changes, I went to the Dashboard.
The Apply Changes button is now disabled but the Dashboard says that changes are pending.
It offers to discard the changes, but there is no way to apply them.
I go back to the Advanced section,but the Apply Changes button is still disabled
I edit the VPN profile, make no changes and save -> still the button is disabled
I edit the VPN profile, make a real change and save -> still the button is disabled
I go back to the dashboard and discard changes - it seems to work
I go back to the VPN profile and make a real change -> still the Apply Changes button is disabled
I logoff and back on
Dashboard says that changes are pending and can be discarded but can NOT be applied, the Apply Chnages button is still disabled
I discard changes, logoff and log back in
I make the change to disable the VPN profile again but still the Apply changes button is disabled

Rebooting the router fixed everything, the Apply Changes button came back and cpu usage was at normal levels.

Hi Michael,

This is strange. Please help to open ticket for us to investigate. Please help to enable Remote Assistance on this unit.

Thank you.