Pepvpn connecting to computers

I have four routers in four locations,
balance 30
balance 20
balance one
I can see and can connect to all four routers,
I can connect only to machines connected to the same router I am on now, but cannot see other computers connecter to remaining tree routers. This is the same situation in all four location. Any solution how to solve this please.

Just a thought - make the Balance One a hub with PepVPN connections to the others. Then they’ll route properly.
Or make it a full mesh.
You will need one VPN license extension for the Balance One to make it a hub.

Andrew you didn’t exactly say it, but I assume you already have a Pep VPN connection between all the devices. Whether you make it a hub and spoke or a mesh, you should be able to have access to all the devices.

The problem is that you haven’t opened the firewall of each device to permit access. Each Balance has to allow access to its LAN, from the other LANs. Lets say LAN 1 is and LAN2 is You need to create an inbound firewall rule to permit Source IP to access “any”, assuming you want to allow access to all LAN devices. If you want to restrict the remote devices to a specific device on the home network (such as a server) then enter the server’s LAN IP as the destination.

If you want to allow all four LANs to talk to any device on any of the other LANs, you have to create individual rules on each destination LAN, for each of the remote LANs.

This question comes up a lot. Probably could use better documentation.


What do you mean “cannot see other computers connecter to remaining tree routers” ? Do you mean Windows PC network discovery cannot found the computer ? Is yes, this is mostly related to the limitation for Window network discovery that only can discover local network computer. You may need to have domain controller (Windows AD) for the full discovery.

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