PeplinkBlance 310 and MAX HD2 IP67 - Essential care Renewal


THe Essential care packae for both my Blance 310 and MAX HD2 IP67 have expired. i can’t purchase new Essential care packages without a Diagnositc report (via a ticket). i can’t get access to the Balance 310 via LAN port (http;// to open the Web Admin Interface. i have turned off the firewall on my laptop.

Is the Balance 310 completely disableld because the Essential Care has expired?

i can’t communicate with the MAX HD2 IP67 at all, it is 3000km away. It is a very expensive trip to get to it to download a diagnositic report.

Any suggestions on how to move forward?

Hi David,

you should speak with your certified Peplink Partner. They can help you, I bet.
One of our customers had the same issue that the router was too far away a few weeks ago, and we fixed it for him.


Thanks Dennis

One option could be to attach a laptop to the lan with teamviewer or other remote control software.
If you don’t have internet via the hd2 ip67, someone could connect an ethernet cable on the lan side and wifi tether to a hotspot device.

Or for a peplink only solution, send over a smaller br1 mini with 8.2 and use intouch to get to the lan interface.