Peplink with 2 firewalls



We have a customer who would like to use their existing Sonicwall with the Peplink 20. They also have a PBX which has a builtin firewall. Each firewall has a dedicated IP from 1 ISP (Comcast). We can use port forwarding for the voice VLAN and disable the builtin firewall on the PBX if necessary. My question is…How can we prioritize voice traffic out through the ISP if they want to keep their existing Sonicwall?



You can go to Network>QoS>Application. This will allow you to prioritize traffic going outbound.


I understand that. My question is, how can you prioritize the traffic if the data is connected directly to the ISP? I undertand we can do drop in mode, but what about the secondary WAN to the PBX?


In this case you would just need to connect both ISPs to the Balance 20. Then create either NAT Mappings or portforwards to tie the Public IP’s to the respective LAN hosts. Once done, you can create QoS rules to prioritize traffic. Also, if you want VOIP to go over a specific ISP and the other as a secondary to VOIP you can create outbound policy rules which govern how traffic is routed out through the Balance. Balance 20 is not able to be deployed in Drop-In Mode.

A easy way to do this would be to enable VLANs (click the (?) next to the LAN interface IP of B20) on the Balance 20 and then create another network for VOIP. Then in the outbound policy rule section you would add a rule defining the VOIP network and choose Priority Algorithm which will allow you to specify what WAN in sequential order it goes out on. QoS will help if you have other data going across that WAN by prioritizing VOIP over data if the WAN is being used by both.