Peplink web site won't let me register my device


I bought a Surf Soho four days ago and wanted to register it tonight with the Peplink web site. However, it keeps giving me this message: “This device is not found. Please make sure the serial number is correct.” I can’t get past this. I’ve checked and double checked and triple checked the serial number. Anyone know why this is not working?


Please PM your serial number.


For whatever reason there are definitely issues trying to register a Surf SOHO.



Do you mean you can’t register your SOHO device ?

If yes, please contact your purchase point or open a support ticket for support team to check.


I already registered my Surf SOHO via a Pepwave (support ticket), rep but there is clearly problems with your system refusing to accept proper registrations from numerous customers. I was confirming for the OP of the thread that he was not alone in having issues with registering his SOHO. It would seem as though Pepwave should be able to resolve these issues which have existed for quite some time.