Peplink WAN LoadBalancing Algorithm Inquiry

Is the upstream and downstream separate from loadbalancing? for example,

The config is shown as below, there are three WAN links with runing OverFlow load balance algorithm.
WAN1 - LeaseLine (10Mbps/10Mbps)
WAN2 & 3 - ADSL (20Mbps/1Mbps)

OverFlow: WAN2–>WAN3–>WAN1

Question 1: When WAN2 & 3 fail, does all the packets will route through WAN1 without loss any active session?
Question 2: for example, the upload bandwidth of WAN2 &3 have been used, but WAN1 is avaliable(while the download bandwidth of WAN2&3 are still free). Does the upload packets will go through WAN1?


Thanks Thomas. With 2x Balance 580 in VRRP, I believe we are using Peplink for session-based load balancing, yes?

By session-based load balancing Peplink can spread your outbound sessions on all your WAN links as configured. Answer to Q1 is no because WAN2 & 3 IP are no longer reachable and active sessions will not persist an IP change.

*** SpeedFusion is invented to overcome this. It allows you to bond all WAN as one, and if one WAN breaks, packets will be routed seamlessly to other links. This way you will not lose any active session. SpeedFusion works in pair.

Regarding Q2 Peplink currently looks into WAN downstream bandwidth only for overflow. Peplink in this case will detect downstream percentage utilisation each selected WAN under your Overflow algorithm setting and route according to their Overflow priority.