Peplink / VLAN and Cisco ASA


Hi , we have just configured a Peplink Balance 380 in front of an ASA Cisco router. 3 WAN links are coming to the Cisco ASA first and then by different VLANs has been connected to Peplink Balance ( although it has not been recommended but, this is the customer’s will that links should be first come to Cisco ASA and then by separate VLANs are connected to Peplink WAN ports). but we are facing a very slow Internet speed. Is there any missing or problem in this configuration ?? everything has been properly configured regarding upload/download speeds and outbound policy (weighted balance).

Please advise (((urgently))).

Thank you.


Hi Hootan,

I would definitely open a support ticket via the website and include a diagnostic report so the config can be looked at.

If the packets coming into the WAN interfaces on the Peplink are VLAN tagged, I know there is a spot on each WAN configuration page to put in the tag.

Obviously, I do not recommend this setup. It would be best to have the three WAN links going directly into the Peplink.




Him Tim,

Thanks for your reply.

Do you think tagging WAN links could help to have a better performance ?

Do you think the poor performance could some how related to VLAN configs ?


Hi Hootan,

Yes, I’m sure it is possible. I am not an Engineer and this is why I recommend to start a support ticket.