Peplink surf soho - no internet

Hi team,

I just bought a new router Surf Soho MK3 and i have a simple and basic question.

I have a RJ45 just getting out of my wall and I have connected to the WAN port and entered the PPPoe password and username of my ISP. The router do not want to connect.

Your help will be much appreciated.

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Hello and Good Day

So where does the Ethernet cable come from?
Is there a modem somewhere?
Who is your ISP?


I find my answer myself. So to respond to your question, the ethernet come directly from the wall on a little Box that provide the Fiber and where the RJ45 is. i have connected to the router and configured the PPPoe.
the problem was coming from the MTU and the VLAN in the Wan setting. Once resolve, I had internet.

Thanks a lot for your prompt answer.

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