Peplink Support -unresponsive! - Balance 5G

Hey Community,
I’m having a terrible time with Peplink support, I’m a dealer, and have an angry client because their Balance 5G is dropping packets via WAN link. Not only does support take a week to respond, but they haven’t provided any viable solutions. Client has been wanting to refund this, but distributor needs Peplink’s green light. What do you guys advise I do from here? Thanks.

Well posting here tend to help focus things. Add the relevant support ticket number too.
Where in the world are you?

Which model device is it exactly (there are three flavours of the B310)?

What is the issue exactly?, can you/the customer replicate the problem consistently?

Your distributor should be kicking ass for you on an issue like this - what are they saying?

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Thanks Martin,
Ticket #22071029
Model: Peplink Balance 310 5G with 5G/Cat 20 and Cat 12 LTE
Issue: Getting a bunch of dropped packets when connecting through WAN. Cellular works fine through speedfusion. WAN works fine with no dropped packets without going through device. This results in livestream video studders.
Distributor brought peplink onto the email, and they’ve been taking their time responding to our thread. Distributor has also been pushing them to respond quicker.

@Willis_Chung, I reviewed the ticket. Normally, packet loss is caused by the WAN connection between 2 SpeedFusion peers. According to the provided videos, packet loss only happened to the wired WAN but not in both cellular WANs. This shows that something is happening to the wired WAN.

May I know what protocol you used to do the test? ICMP or UDP 4500?

I would suggest using Dynamic Weighted Bonding. Packet will not sends into the unhealthy tunnel with this algorithm. This helps to mitigate the impact of packet loss and high latency. Remember to upgrade the FusionHub too (currently is running 8.0.2) as Dynamic Weighted Bonding needs to be enabled at both devices.

I commented the ticket. The technical support shall follow up with you in the ticket. Ticket will be escalated when they need help from engineering team.

Thanks for your patience.


Unfortunately, this client has already lost faith in Peplink tech, since initial troubleshooting didn’t solve the issue, and when requesting for peplink help, they told them to leave the device on, but didn’t bother to respond despite multiple attempts to get a response.

Client is in a furious state right now, and they are a church. They’ve already purchased replacement products with another manufacture.

At this point, we just need the manufacture to ok the return to remedy this client. I still have over 40 devices I’m personally using on a daily basis.

Just to say, in general you will only get an RMA from Peplink for a proven faulty unit, and from TK’s response it sounds as though the root cause of the issue was with packet loss between the device and the FusionHub rather than an Issue with the device itself. As such you would not typically get a return authorisation from Peplink as your commercial arrangement was with your distributor.

Lean on your distributor to push for the result you want.

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Hey Martin,
This request was initially put in within the 30 days of purchase.
Also, I’ve tried running dynamic bonding, and it’s still dropping packets, so problem is not fixed.

OK great. So if you put it on your desk plug it into your internet connection and can demonstrate there is a fault with the wired WAN of the unit then you’ll get a RMA no problem. Easiest way to do that is to show there are errors on the port causing packet loss when WAN1 is connected and no errors / packet loss when in WAN2. Peplink support can help prove that. Its very rare but there could be a physical fault with the WAN1 port.

If instead the WAN ports all checkout fine then there is no fault found with the unit, Peplink won’t authorise a RMA to them for a non faulty device.

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We did that test with support already, and there was indeed packet loss. They escalated. Additionally, upon receiving this unit, cell1 wouldnt connect, needed a custom firmware for it to function.

Good good. So long as there is packet loss caused by a physical hardware fault with the device then you’ll get an RMA. Peplink engineering will validate that remotely and then approve an RMA via your distributor.

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@Willis_Chung, based on my understanding, the technical support conducted the SpeedFusion throughput test, not the test on the physical WAN port. Additionally, we notice packet loss happens when the upload throughput is above 30Mbps. May I know the WAN link is ADSL? We do see similar behavior with ADSL when the upload is saturated.

We are happy to continue to work with you to find out the root cause.

With all due respect, why aren’t you and your team responding to the ticket? This customer has already lost their faith in the tech and the service, please just grant our distributor the return, and lets put this one to rest. Again, I have over 35+ devices with Peplink personally, I’m not going anywhere. Thanks.

As a peplink partner in USA, we see issues like this often and interminite, and it has always turned out to be one of two things. The ISP latency or thruput issues, or network loop on the clinets lan side causing CPU spikes on the peplink.
I think there is an opportunity to learn from this situtation, and I’m curious about your specific situation.
At the location you are testing do you see latency/packet loss on the wired wan?
If you tried a different wired wan at another location are you able to replicate the issue.