Peplink routers and InControl2 for machine monitoring




We @ Frontier Computer are always searching for new opportunities for using Peplink in branches where Peplink is not “yet” being used.

We found there is a huge market for M2M software monitoring, whereas Peplink can already be used to deliver the connectivity for monitoring software, we lack the actual monitoring software layer which would be really awesome if InControl2 could deliver this.

For instance when you have a company that sells packaging machines for a certain factory, they want to monitor these machines, get alerts, logs, incident reports etc. so they can act on the things the machine is telling them. These companies want to use a single product for delivering the connectivity but also the software layer for the communication and logging from the machine.

In our opinion it would be a great addition to InControl2 to have these kinds of data sources from machine behind the Peplink or Pepwave router.

Please let us know your thoughts!