Peplink reliability

Hello community. Have you ever experienced any issueS with peplinks where suddendly and somehow without human intervention the web interface of the device doesnt work at all, or this weird issue where the router wont give out dhcp on any of its lan ports and then sometimes it does or a physical port that doesnt work just like that? I have experienced this with a balance 20, a balance one core and a balance 30. I really like peplink and how easy it is to configure but is the reliability there?

So far i am not to convinced about that.

When something like this happens should I open a ticket or buy a new unit?

The symptoms you are describing are if a device on the network was assigned the same IP as the router. IE a default gateway IP conflict.

My personal experience, I’ve owned a Balance 20, Balance One and MAX Transit. Never had issues with any of them, I ran the Balance 20 for 8 years before running into the 100Mb limitation and upgrading to the Balance One.

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Don’t get a new router yet. As soon as possible after such an event: (1) download a diag report, (2), enter a ticket and include the diagnostic report, and (3) turn on RA.

The only time we’ve really seen this happen is when the router is out of resources – and then only a couple of times. I think one event with with a SOHO and the other was a B20.

I’d also certainly investigate the solution @Legionetz suggested. If that’s the situation it needs to be fixed ASAP.

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Same as @Rick-DC , I’ve only seen this if a router is out of resources. But it could also be a IP conflict as @Legionetz suggests.

Do you usually configure the WAN connection up- and download speeds?
If this is configured (usually advised a little bit lower than of actual speeds) the router will leave some bandwidth available for managing your device.

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The issues I am talking about are just on the devices. On the balance one core case it was connected to the WAN internet with no other connections to LAN and it didnt give out DHCP when connecting my laptop or any other wired laptop straight to the unit. I even hard reset the unit 3 times and it didnt work. About the Balance 20 case I am talking about the physical interface port #1, which suddenly and without power loss or surge it stopped working. I had to change the LAN network connection to the port #2. Some other issues are also with Balance 20, as this is the one we use the most, where is didnt allow me to access the web interface.

On all this cases there are no IP conflict as the router is the DHCP server and we manage the IT infrastructure in our customers too. Most of our customers dont have more than 30 users at most.

Also, one last question. Is there a way that the event log on the peplink could be more specific as to what changes were done (NOT system setting applied or changed) or maybe when the router shuts down unexpectedly perhaps.Thanks for the helps guys.