Peplink PPTP Server

Dear Guys ,

I need to know if we can connect to Peplink through internal PPTP server when the DHCP on the device is off ?
the network has internal Microsoft based DHCP server and DHCP on the Peplink is disabled , but clients can’t connect to PPTP service ! I think Peplink can’t assign IP address to VPN clients when the DHCP on the device is disabled and can’t rely DHCP requests to another server. Is this correct ?

Thanks - Hootan


On current firmware this should work. Is the internal DHCP server on the native LAN of the Balance?

Yes on the native LAN Side.

Hootan, are you talking about the PPTP server built in to the Peplink? If so, then the DHCP server would need to be enabled.

Yes I’m talking about the Peplink PPTP Server. this is not good because enabling DHCP on peplink would make conflict with the Microsoft DHCP server on the network.
It would be good adding DHCP relay capability on the peplink as a feature request. or have an option for the Peplink DHCP to only service PPTP users not LAN users.

The newest firmware does have DHCP relay but I’m not sure this applies to the PPTP server built in to the Balance.

Can the Microsoft server be the PPTP server as well?


Using a 3rd party DHCP server is supported. QA has confirmed on this. If you could open a support ticket, we can get it up to the team to take a closer look.