Peplink One Core expose LAN to WAN / IP Fowarding


In a IP Forwarding setting on WAN 1 with an MPLS on that WAN1, we want be able from WAN1 to access all LAN IPs, exposing entirely the LAN to WAN1.

WAN1 : xx.xx.xx.xx
LAN equipment IP :
LAN Equipments :

From WAN1 we want to access and all equipments on that network

How can I accomplish that,




You need an inbound firewall rule:
Source WAN connection = WAN1
Destination = ANY (if you want to expose the entire LAN)
Action = Allow

The devices connected on the WAN1 side need to know where to find the 10.56.15.xx LAN. You’ll need something on that side to direct traffic to the Balance One WAN1.


We already have that, we are using netgear routers at the moment and it works just fine, but we would like to move to peplink router however when the traffic arrives at the peplink level it is blocked, inbound rules obviously block and the only option found is to route to one machine, which is not what we want to accomplish, we want all traffic to go to to the request IP without any filtering.


No inbound rules needed. Set the WAN1 on the Balance into IP forwarding mode (so not NAT). Firewall rules are by default any to any allow so no traffic will be filtered…

Then as @Don_Ferrario says, you’ll need a static route on the MPLS / WAN side for the pointing to the WAN1 IP.


Thank you for your reply,

We have already done this, with our other product, we are able to ping from WAN the LAN IP which is in our case and also connect to its web interface with its LAN IP, but with the peplink this is not possible? Are we missing something?





You should able to access LAN devices base on what had been explained by @MartinLangmaid.

May i know the default gateway defined for your LAN devices ? ?


Yes this is it



Then you should able to access the LAN devices via WAN. Please open a support ticket for support team to help investigate.