Peplink mini br1 and Peplink br1 max

I have several peplink devices and it seems like every Friday around 3 in the morning they all loose connectivity then regain and loose it again. It happens over the course of 3 hours or more.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

I too am experiencing similar issues. We’re currently using Verizon and around 2am about half of our Peplink BR1’s start going offline for around 5-10 minutes then go online for about 20-30 minutes then back offline for another 5-10 minutes the online for 20 minutes… The only way we have been able to stop the units from going offline / online is to power cycle the Peplink. After we power cycle unit, no issues til the following Friday around 2am. This has been happening for the last (3) weeks.

Could there be a firmware issue? Any suggestions to settings??

Any and all help would be appreciated…

This sounds more carrier-related than anything else. Perhaps they are doing network/tower maintenance at this time or your DHCP leases expired or something like that.

When you power cycle the device it creates a new registration and DHCP lease from their network.

I would continue to monitor it for awhile. You could try asking the carrier but doubt they would release any such information.

You could also do a network capture of the cellular interface and pump it into Wireshark looking for DEAUTH or other weird packets.


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Thank you I’ll have to give it a try.

It’s weird that it happens every Friday between 1-6 am.