Peplink Mediafast 500-B Bug Issues

Hi Guys,

We have just purchased a Peplink Mediafast 500-B for our customer, however, during our staging, we found out that the below issues.

  • Peplink WAN port 2-5 are in disable state, and stated with “activation required”. Instead, accordingly to the knowledge database, 500-B should have all the WAN port activated and ready to use.

  • We are unable to find the “Cache Control” settings in the 500-B as mentioned on the user guide.

Is it a possible bugs? Kindly please do advice, the unit are with firmware of 6.1.2 already.

knowledge database refered:

Hi, would you turn on the Remote Assistance in Status page, open a ticket here and send us the serial number? We would check it for you.

Thanks Bryan, I am asking my colleague to turn on the remote assistant soon, and have create a ticket on this. THanks for the excellent support from Peplink !!:up::up::up:

I had the same issue. support team sent me two activation keys. one for SpeedFusion and one for activating other WAN ports.
this issue should be investigated by management as MediaFast 500-B should have all features activated.

Thanks - Hootan