Peplink Max Transit Cat 18 Slow Speeds

Just received my Peplink Max Transit Cat 18 and I’m seeing very slow speeds. In every test that I performed the Peplink was half the speeds or less. Is this router bad? Should I return it for a replacement? I’ve also noticed that it’s get very hot. 107 per temp gun! Very disappointed at this very expensive router!

107 isnt too hot

what carrier/plan?

what are you signal levels?

stationary or mobile?

stock or external antennas?

have you tried bringing the unit closer to a different cell tower?

have you tried other devices with comparable modems on same plan to see if they get better performance?

what did the carrier say when you contacted them about the poor speeds?

you have provided zero usable information, just a lot of complaining…

I have 2 cellular carriers, Verizon and AT&T. Both sims are installed in the Pepwave and woking. I also have a 3 year old Verizon MiFi. On my Pepwave I have the external antenna’s all hooked up. With the Verizon sim selected in the control panel I get about 20 down and 7 up and with the Verizon sim in the MiFi I get about 40 down and 5 up tested within 5 minutes of each other. With the Verizon MiFi setup as a WiFi to WAN I get about 25 Down and 6 up. With my iPhone 12 on 5G set as a hot spot connected to my PC WiFi I get 80 down and 7 up and with my iPhone connected to the Pepwave via WiFi to WAN I get about 40 down and 5 up. So as I said in my first post pretty much anything connected to the Pepwave is around 50% slower then when connected to my PC. All this testing is done at my home in Queen Creek Arizona with good cell coverage proven by the use of both my iPhone speed test and my Verizon MiFi hot spot. So it’s not a cell tower issue. If for some reason both my iPhone and my Verizon MiFi hot spot is connecting to a faster band than the Pepwave I’d say that’s a Pepwave problem IMO.