Peplink Max On The Go 700 - Updated feature set, please!

I love the idea of the Peplink Max On The Go 700.

But, my speeds on both of my cellular connections (ATT - 27DL/12UL; VZW 34DL/18UL), as well as on my LAN (Comcast Business - 100DL/20UL), when combined with the concept of SpeedFusion, leave me scratching my head at the bottlenecks likely created by the physical components of the Max OTG (4xUSB 2.0, WAN/LAN limited to 100Mbps).

So, on my wishlist (and what would motivate me to buy one of these, instead of looking at different competitors’ products), would be:
Upgraded USB to USB 3.0;
Upgraded WAN AND LAN ports to Gigabit ethernet.

Optionally, it would be nice to see WiFi upgraded to ac, although that is not necessarily critical, YET!

I wonder how many others share this wishlist of mine. And, to the extent that Peplink/Pepwave needs a beta tester for such a unit, please let me know, and I am ALL-IN.

Thanks for your time in reading this.