Peplink MAX Adapter 5G

Good Day,

We are studying the Peplink MAX Adapter 5G as a possible 5G solution for a drone project we are developing.

My understanding is that it has a 5W nominal draw, and 8W peak. As the application is for a drone we have to be cautious about the power draw on devices that we use.

I note that the device comes with a USB-C to USB 3 adaptor. I believe that USB3 only offers up to 7.5W power. Can you confirm that a standard USB3 protocol is sufficient to power the device, or is a modified USB 3 port required to provide the data link to the computer, and sufficient power to the device?

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We’ve used the MAX Adapter 5G with both USB2 and 3 ports. No problem at all. 100% reliability. We’ve tested it with computers with USB 2 and 3 ports as well as three Balance routers.