Peplink for Realtime Video Distribution

Hi, Im looking into using Peplink kit for a distributed video producion facility I am building.

Currently thinking either MAX HD4 MBX or SDX at our main facility, MAX HD4 MBX for our smaller facility. These will be permantely connected via 2 500mbps fibre connections at each site, using speed fusion etc for bonding/ballancing, VPN etc. Both sites static public IP’s, with the Peplink doing all routing and NAT.

Portable kits would consist of either MAX HD4, HD2 or Speed Fusion Engines depending on bandwidth and usage requirements.

Each of these portable kits will have bi directional video using SRT, VoIP comms, control networks etc going back to the main facility.

With all that in mind I have one question:

Can the portable kits connect back using PepVPN, SpeedFusion etc without having a public IP on the WAN port? I want to be able to use any connection possible, including NAT’d NBN, LTE. Often these will be sitting behind firewalls I have no control over, or be on LTE that has no public IP.

If the above is not possible would Fusion Hub be the best option?


Yep. You only need a static at one end for a config like this. Should work fine.