Peplink failover


I have Peplink 30 LTE and have 1 cable, 1 ADSL and 4G wireless (SIM) internet.

i am using priority algorithm. 1st connection is ADSL, 2nd connection is cable and 3rd one is wireless internet.

While 2nd connection is down, if my first connection goes down, will it failover to the 3rd connection without any problems? It is showing “Conection…” under status and i think it can cause problems if my first connection goes down while the second connection is trying to connect.

Any advices are helpful.



Basically with the scenario below. If you were to disconnect WAN1 all traffic would re-route to WAN3 if using the priority algorithm.

WAN 1 Connected
WAN 2 Connecting/Disconnected
WAN 3 Connected