Peplink customer case introduction-chain industry information backup center


Case – Problems encountered by a chain department store industry

  • Each branch point uses MPLS connection, the line cost is too high.
  • Insufficient bandwidth, DR Site data backup cannot be completed instantly.
  • The backup line cannot be AA system. Once the line is disconnected, the ERP/POS connection will be interrupted.

Solutions provided by Peplink

  • Use VPN Bonding technology to integrate two affordable ADSLs to provide low-cost and large-bandwidth AA lines.
  • VPN Bonding technology can greatly increase the bandwidth, allowing DR Site backup operations to be completed faster.
  • Even if a single line is disconnected, SpeedFusion ‘s seamless connection technology can ensure the normal operation of the POS/ERP system and DR Site backup operations.

Use Peplink to bind cheap ADSL lines to replace the old dedicated lines, and provide advantages such as large bandwidth, line backup and low cost.

It makes the remote backup of data between headquarters and branch offices more secure, fast and stable, while reducing costs. It is the best choice for enterprises to build data backup centers !