Peplink connection to outside Appassure backup system question

After working it through a while I was able to finally get the Peplinks up and going correctly in Drop-in mode (see this thread). The trick was to allow the Peplink to make its own Management IP address instead of me trying to push one on it. All the VPNs we had between our Sonicwalls were working, but we found out one wasn’t…the outside Appassure connection that backs up a number of our systems offsite.

I’m looking for help with anyone out there that may have a similar situation (I am also going to contact Dell) with an outside connection to an Appassure backup. I can explain the situation a bit:

Peplink 580 at main location w/municipal fiber (primary) and Spectrum Business connections. The Peplink is set as Shared IP to the general IP address ending in .52. All VPNs to our different locations found on the Sonicwall are working except for this one I’m talking about.

The VPN is from .52 to .53. If the connection is fully available I am able to connect to the Sonicwall on the outside Appassure machine at a local address like I can connect to all the other Sonicwalls at our other locations. When the Peplink was connected into the system we found out this connection was no longer there and backups were not happening. I went through InControl2 to look at connections and there was an Inbound one from .53 to .52 via IPSEC-ESP, but nothing going Outbound (don’t know whether there should be or not).

Does there need to be a port opened for the Appassure connection or more specifically for the .53 (outside Appassure) address? As far as I know the Peplink is allowing everything through currently and letting the Sonicwall do firewall stuff. Last night we put the main connection back straight into the Sonicwall and I was able to connect to Appassure again and get a backup running. Ideally we would like the Peplink back in while allowing the Appassure connection to still function.

Thanks much for any help.

Think I may have figured it out. There was one difference between the 2 Peplinks I have at 2 locations. There was a NAT mapping on the main one and I could see where .53 may get confused by where it is supposed to go. I tested by putting another VPN connection between the 2nd Peplink location’s Sonicwall and the Appassure Sonicwall. I was then able to ping both sides of the connection. I deleted the NAT mapping and now it’s just a waiting game until I can do the switchover again during quiet time. I did put a ticket in earlier before I found this, we can likely hold that until I am able to test tomorrow night or Saturday night hopefully.