Peplink balancer 580 rebooting

Dear Team

could you please let me know if there any suggested time to rebooting the balance device for purpose maintenance?

For example, it should reboot every 6 months or what.

Thank you!

Peplink used to run an uptime competition. There were some amazing entries - over 1000 days with no reboot.


They stopped running the competition when someone pointed out that this meant that router had nto had security patches applied which perhaps wasn’t best practise…

So, personally I recommend an annual review as a bare minimum to make sure that customer devices are running the latest firmware with its security fixes but there shouldn’t be a reason other than that to reboot your Peplink.

I will often set an overnight reboot for a MAX router though, just so that i force a DHCP renew on the cellular modem at a time when it won’t affect my users.