Peplink Balance Two using Pepwave Max BR1 Mini as mobile failover

We have a new Balance Two with a fiber connection on Wan 1
As backup we are connecting a Pepwave Max BR1 Mini for failover to LTE
The plan is to use IP forwarding on the Max
Question: are there specific settings that reduce data usage on the MAX if an always on choice is made or is a cold backup simpler if the failover time is relatively short

Hello @mikecski,
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If you can afford some outage time, then you can just set the WAN for the backup to cold standby and not create any VLANs or Outbound policies.

What we commonly do is use the Outbound Policies to control the priority of traffic through the balance router to the various WAN connections. For example, if you have guest Wi-Fi you might only want that going over the fibre. This becomes especially useful when using SpeedFusion for maintaining traffic like VoIP through a FusionHub.

There are lots of previous postings here in the forum on how to set this all up, you can use VLANs to segregate traffic and then apply your outbound policies onto those VLANs subnets. To have unbreakable VoIP you can combine a FusionHub into your solution.

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Marcus :slight_smile: