Peplink Balance Two and Ubiquiti UDMP

Just purchased the Balance Two.

Also purchased [PEP-DCS-RUG] Pepwave Device Connector Rugged, and a [PEP-APO-AX] Pepwave AP One AX.

The idea was to use the SpeedFusion to secure the webcam VLOG feed with the Rugged Device.

I had the two systems connected to the internet for a day, but the APO-AX and the Rugged Device never showed online to InControl 2.

Router β†’ Peplink Balance Two β†’ Ubiquiti UDMP

To make this work can someone point me in the right direction for initial steps?

The Drop-In mode worked for a day. Using a static setup worked for a day. But neither the Pepwave AP One AX or the Pepwave Device Connector Rugged went online.

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi STeve.
Just to check. Is the idea here that you have the Balance Two with a AP On AX cabled to it’s LAN, then you have the Device connector Rugged that is distant that connects via WIFI to the AP One AX to send a video stream out to the internet?

AP One X should report to IC2 when powered up and connected to the internet. Same with the Device connector. Was the setup working and just not visible on IC2?

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