Peplink Balance Recommendation

I am linking seven retail field sites via hub and spoke. Each site has 50-100 Mbps fiber and unreliable 400 Mbps cable ISP for a dozen users and 25 IP cameras. A use case is streaming of at least 5 cameras (each using 1 Mbps) per site. I am uncertain of the value in this dual-WAN arrangement but for now it keeps operations management content.

The Balance 20 may actually satisfy these requirements, but it seems dated and limited in specification. The integrated Wi-Fi of the Balance One is appealing to reduce site complexity. What model router may be optimal considering price|performance|flexibility for spoke and a hub?

I understand features vary across models. The +$200 cost of the Balance One provides a much higher performing router although I cannot gauge associated InControl subscription costs (the Balance 20 is $50/two years). What are others deploying as a “go-to standard small-site” router?

Hi Stephen,

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Initially the Balance One is a good option and offers you the option to increase from 2 to 5 WAN (with additional license) thinking about growth, however the Balance 20X can offer you the option of growth but through SIM cards so we have several options for every need. However, in addition to the advice that you can find in our forum, I share the >link< of our partners so that you can also contact them and they will advise you.

I upgraded our workplace from a Balance 20 to a Balance One Core. We had the B20 for 4 years but started having lock up problems every couple of months, possibly from the increase of clients over time, not sure.

The B1 Core has been up 20 days now and hoping it keeps going!