Peplink Balance One USB Support

We just recently bought a couple Balance One boxes to use at a couple mobile sites and contrary to what the website implies we we’re informed by a member of support that USB support for the various modems (Ours is a Verizon UML 295) is coming in the next firmware release (6.2) and isn’t currently working in the 6.1.1 builds. Brought to his attention that the Balance One firmware page isn’t listed under the downloads for support and was curious if this was something that is in alpha, beta, about to be released, or pretty much just any information at all.

The product looks great and I can definitely see the potential but it does make it hard to make a decision to keep them or send them back and get something else without being able to find any information.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Kevin, thanks for the inquiry.

We already have an internal firmware build that we are testing, and I think it will be publicly released very soon - probably by the end of the month. Please stay tuned for updates.


Hi Kevin,

We prepared a custom firmware 6.1.1m37 build 1422 for the Balance One which has USB modem support.

Please let us know if this firmware can resolve your issue.


Will it support iPhone/cellphones with tethering enabled?

Hi Kevin,

The Balance One supports tethering on Android smartphones.
iPhone does not support.


Doesn’t’ seems 6.1.1m37 build 1422 for the Balance One which has USB modem supports AirCardU313.

I tried same card on Balance20 and it works fine, but when I move it back its seems to stuck on spinning “Device detected” and doesn’t connect to carrier. Balance20 and Balance One is 2 Ft from each other so it’s not a signal issue in the location of Balance One either.

Just open a support ticket with us and enable the Remote Assistance so we can have a look.

sure, opened a ticket.

I’ll try this and report back shortly. Thanks for the response on this.

Did some internal testing and it looks like everything is working great with our USB modem (UML295). If I run into any issues I’ll report back.

Much appreciated!

The Balance ONEs that I have recently purchased came with firmware 6.1.1s16 build 1344. Given that “s” is alphabetically after “m”, can I take that to mean that the firmware on my ONEs is in fact later than the custom firmware 6.1.1m37 build 1422 that you mention, and therefore my ONEs CAN in fact support USB modems, specifically the Verizon/Pantech UML295 modem?

Again, can you please let me know if a Balance ONE running 6.1.1s16 b.1344 supports the Verizon/Pantech UML295 USB modem?



USB Modem support for the Balance One will be available on 6.1.2. It is expected to be GA by end of July or beginning of August. However we do have a 6.1.2 RC (release candidate) available for download that should support the UML295.

6.1.2 RC Firmware Link:

Okay, that is what I thought, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks for the info. I need this for a production environment so I will have to wait for General Availability. I hope it is released soon!

Just to be sure, may I ask if USB modem support for the Balance ONE did in fact make it into the 6.1.2 build 1597 firmware that was released last week, as expected?

Yes, you are correct RalphA - USB modem support is included in the 6.1.2 frirmware for the Balance One.