Peplink balance one to Azure

Peplink Balance One BPL-ONE Firmware 7.1.0 Build 3433

I am attempting to connect my balance one router to azure through a site to site IPsecVPN and have not been able to get a vlaid connection. I have followed all the instructions on the Microsoft side for a Policy Based (Static Connection) which I see is what this router will only support.

I need hard instructions / Directions on what the configuration would be… All I am finding on the site is discussions with out reference to the actaul instructions on how this is to be configured…

Any help would be really appreciated. I am very new to this so dumbing it down would also be appreciated.

Thank You

I have it working…

Policy Based. U need the following components…

Virtual Network Gateway - Azure Gateway. This should be attached to your Azure vNet. The gateway itself also has a subnet so be sure to pick something that doesn’t conflict.

Virtual Network Gateway IP - Public IP attached to the virtual gateway. This is what the Balance one will connect to.

Local Network Gateway - This specifies the Public IP address of the Balance One. You also list the appropriate address spaces that are on your local network.

Connection - This links the local gateway with the virtual network gateway. It’s always where you established the PSK for the IPSec VPN tunnel.

On the Balance One

  • IKEv1
  • IP address of the Azure virtual gateway (public)
  • Select the networks you want to route
  • List your remote Azure networks. Should be your vNet subnets. Remember you can use vlan parring to route multiple networks within a single gateway
  • Preshared Key
  • Mode - Main Mode
  • Specify PSK
  • Phase 1 IKE
    • AES-128 & SHA1
    • AES-256 & SHA1
    • AES-128 & SHA256
    • AES256 & SHA256
  • Phase 1 DH Group
    • Group 2
  • Phase 1 SA Lifetime
  • Phase 2 ESP
    • AES-128 & SHA1
    • AES-256 & SHA1
    • AES-128 & SHA256
    • AES256 & SHA256
  • Phase 2 PFS Group
    • None
  • Phase 2 SA Lifetime
    • 43200

Hope that helps.


You are the man… Just followed your instructions and got my first established connection… Been messing with this for 3 weeks…
Many Thanks

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Curious would the same config be true for a balance 20 to azure?

Followed these instructions with no luck. Any other settings/routing I need to be aware of?

I followed the instructions and got it working last week.

Is the peplink able to establish a connection but not route traffic or does not establish a connection?