Peplink Balance One Router having multiple lock up during the day and night

Hello there,
Having multiple up with a Peplink Balance One Router.
We noticed that a Peplink Balance One is locking up on the network. This causes the router to loose internet connectivity until a manually restart is issue. The Peplink Balance one firmware is 7.0.1 build 2988, Hardware version 3 and the router serial # is 192C-2D31-516D. Can you offer any suggestions to this issue.

No solution for you, but as a point of comparison, I bought a Balance One Core several weeks ago and it has been rock solid. Also running 7.0.1.

What changes have you made to the default config?

@onSpotwifi, please open a support ticket for me to take a closer look on the lockup symptom.

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Any update on this? Am having the same issue.

What is the internet source connected to the WAN port? Sounds like some kind of communication or flow control issue with the internet source. There was another thread recently where Peplink noted issues talking to some DSL modems. The solution was to change the WAN interface speed from auto, to one gigabit.

I have one location where we use DSL, and the WAN port went off several times per day. The Balance health check would flag the port and take it off line for some seconds, then come back after a good test. I never had to reboot anything, but communication was interrupted.

Since changing from auto to one gigabit interface speed, I have not seen that problem one time. Its been over a week. That definitely helped me.

You said the router “locked up”. Do you really mean it just stopped communicating via the WAN port? If it truly locked up you would not be able to talk to the router via any port, including the LAN.

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