Peplink Balance One release date?

I’m considering a new Peplink device for another location, but I read about the Balance One with embedded wireless N and 1gig throughput. This would be great for my needs. Any word on a release date?

That’s right. The Balance One is coming. Dual-WAN + USB LTE/3G load balancing and failover with embedded 11n dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) Wi-Fi and 1 gigabit routing throughput.

It is scheduled to be released next week.

Great! Look forward to seeing it and the pricing. I’ve been holding off on buying a Balance 20 and an AP One 300M for another location.

While I have you… any update for the Peplink wireless 802.11ac AP that I read is due Q1 2014?

It looks like the Balance One is available here:

It’s difficult to compare the models on that website. When will Peplink’s website be updated?

Check out Hit comparison to see it with the other Balance models.

It will go live on our website in a day or two.

Perfect. Thanks!

Re: 802.11ac AP, we are working on this, you can expect it around early Q2 at this stage.