Peplink Balance One random restarts


Hi, this issue has happened twice that we are aware of during the past 6 months and I don’t see anywhere I can get detail logs to see why it’s crashing/rebooting on it’s own. The device event logs don’t show anything less then 20 minutes before the peplink restarts. (L2TP/IPsec user disconnected) Email notifications is just for Wans up/down.

Our setup: AT&T And HE Fiber to Juniper Router, to Juniper Switch to servers and Peplink Balance one. The Peplink is only for our internal network and a way to VPN in using Wan1 is from the Juniper Switch and Comcast as backup Wan2 in case something major happens.

We haven’t made any major changes over the past 6 months besides firmware updates when they come out, so were currently on 6.2.2 build 2037. There wasn’t a major amount of traffic at the time of the crash though I did transfer a 4gb file over the WAN1 to a server maxing out the CPU just a few minutes before hand, but it’s not the first time we have done this. Just the day before I did a 18GB file and it didn’t crash. So i’m not sure where look.

I have downloaded the Diagnostic Report after it came back up, but I cannot open the .report file. I assume this is something Peplink support would need to see.



Yes we need the diagnostic report. This will help to determine the root cause. Please help to open ticket on this.

Thank you.


Thanks, ticket has been open Ticket #757266



Noted. We will follow up your case there.

Thank you.