Peplink Balance One hanging frequently

My Peplink Balance One always hang and need to restart in order to use the internet. What cause my peplink balance one to hang very frequently.

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Appreciate if you could open a support ticket here for us to take a closer look.

Having the same issue. Happens after about a week of uptime… Need a power off/on to fix. Started happening with latest firmware update.

Appreciate if you could open a support ticket here for us to take a closer look.

Same here on my Balance 210 HW4

After about a week of uptime, it freezes. Updated to the latest firmware 6.3.2 last week, worked for a week and froze today. I have already opened a ticket but Wei-Ming says the diagnostics report I sent don’t show much. Please help. This is getting very frustrating…

If this helps, the Pep only freezes during the day, it never freezes at night. It appears to freeze when we are working and it is more active. I have it with a small fan pointing to it and it’s relatively cold where I live anyways, so it can’t be an overheating issue either (Pep is totally cold, not even warm). It is also connected to a APC UPS, so I know for sure it’s not an electrical or power issue. When it freezes, the lights continue as normal, all the lights are on, I get no red light, but I lose connection to the Pep dashboard and settings, and I can’t open any other webpage from that point.

Have you found a solution to this problem? we are experiencing the same issue with Balance One HW 6.3.3. I froze in June for the first time after running without any problems for 3-4 months. after that it has been running fine again until September. Now it is happening every few weeks. I logged a support ticket but no solution in sight just yet

Our balance one, firmware 6.3.3 now freezes every few weeks for no reason. We openned a tick with support, but not solution in sight just yet. Have you managed to solve your problem?

We are monitoring this device. Please buy us more times to track the root cause.

Thank you for your patient.

Same here for Balance ONE Rev3, (already inform support team)
now I have to flash back firmware 6.3.1
Since firmware 6.3.2 freezes every week and firmware 6.3.3 freezes every DAY randomly!

But on my Balance ONE Rev1, no problem with firmware 6.3.2 and 6.3.3 at all.

Can I have the ticket number?

Thank you.

Sure, here is my Ticket #766206

We loaded your config into our Balance One Hw3 with v6.3.3 and tested it since last week. Everything is running fine. The tech support has provided the suggestion to narrow down the problem. Please help to follow up from there.

Thank you.

What ended up being the fix? I’ve been going through this with a Balance One since October. Now it’s to the point where it freezes daily and the client has to powercycle the router every morning. I’ve tried various firmware versions from 6.3.2 to 7.0.0 and two different pieces of hardware.

We have had no other complaints. What steps have you taken to troubleshoot the issue? What is the support ticket number?


Ticket #768905

Aside from going through firmwares, I’ve tried changing out the hardware, reverting unnecessary non-default options, changing MTU and health check settings on both WAN’s…
I also put in a MAX BR1 on a test PC with Putty to see if I could access the Balance One from the inside when it went down, but the router isn’t pingable from the WAN or the LAN side when it freezes.

I’m kind of reaching at this point.

Are there any specific LAN side devices that are generating/consuming abnormal amounts of traffic?

We have had issues where everything freezes up and we have to reboot. We updated the firmware last year around October and it hasn’t happened again until last night.

Previous ticket # 767515

We are updating to v7 this week to see if that helps

Any updates on the cause of this? Experiencing it on BPL-ONE Hardware Revision 3, firmware 7.1.1 build 3775

@rohlhorst, noticed that you have submitted a support ticket, our team will follow up with you on that.

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noticed similarity with my case - same thing balance one hang on on daily basis, replaced with other brand and so far a few days with no single issue, I have another customer balance 20 with same issue, planning to replace it for something in budget since 20 costs almost $300

I like peplink for easy setup and simplicity but quality of these devices and buggy software is under question and I am losing faith in peplink