Peplink balance one core 600 MBPS DUAL-WAN router


The router is lagging often when tried to access through web console and is taking more time to respond over the web console when the console is not left accessed for a while.


Did you try with different browser? Using web admin on chrome is a nightmare while on edge everything works smoothly.


Hello thuvaragesh,

Do you have any plugins installed? I would recommend trying to open it in Incognito mode as this disables all plugins. I live in Chrome and have had to disable/uninstall some plugins at home to access the web admin page.

What is the CPU load on the Balance One? You can find this on the Dashboard.


Hi folks,
I have not installed any plugins and the CPU load is below average cz i havent connected any of the devices.
the router name is Balance_372E.


Please open a support ticket here for support team to check.