Peplink Balance Incontrol2 issue

Hi There,

Is there anyone that can guide me on how to ensure that my Peplink Balance 310 routers remain connected to Incontrol2 even after enabling the “Send all traffic to” on the PepVPN setup.

I have a PB580 connected via PepVPN to 2 remote PB310’s and optimizing. The PB310’s must not use its local Internet breakout, but all traffic must traverse over the PepVPN back to HQ to pass through the Company Firewall.

Enabling the “Send all traffic to” radio button cause the PB310’s to go offline in Incontrol2.



I forgot to mention that the PB310’s should use the local 4G Interface just to maintain connection to Incontrol, the rest of the Internet traffic must traverse the PepVPN to HQ.

Instead of using the “Send All Traffic To PepVPN” check box, create a rule in the outbound policy forcing all traffic to the PepVPN. If this still doesn’t work, create another outbound rule directing all IC2 traffic to break out locally rather than using the PepVPN.
We have generally found the second step is not required.

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