Peplink balance e20 voice breakage issue

Hi Team,

I’m using peplink balance e20 with 2 different lease lines (bandwidth 2 mbps each) for 30 systems and 20 VoIP phones.

Sometimes I’m facing voice breakage issue even the internet is working fine.

When I check Active sessions and Client list in peplink, I found that there is no heavy traffic from a particular system. Even nobody downloads anything and nobody is seeing videos. But when I check Real-Time graph of both Lines It looks like as follows:

I’m a newbie and I’ve not much knowledge about this device.

Please help.

Anybody have solution ? please…


Thank you for your forum post. If you could open a support ticket with us here:

Also, keep in mind that the Balance 20 is recommended for 25 concurrent users and 50 total devices may be over-driving the unit.