PepLink Balance Can Not Manager PepWave AP Feature "Band Steering"

Hi, I have successfully add my PepWave AP One Enterprise in to my BPL310.
Unfortunately, there is no way to turn on AP feature “Band Steering” inside my BPL310. :frowning:

Which firmware version is your Balance 310 running on?
Latest available is 6.3.1.

Yes, is running on latest firmware 6.3.1…
Can show me some screen capture on Balance 310 where to turn on and change it to Force mode?

Was about to do that. :wink:
As per what you see below, click on the question mark symbol on the top right corner, and you can enable advanced options.
Band Steering will be displayed as a drop-down option once the above is done.

:confused: Why is hidden? :rolleyes: - thanks, anyway.

Hi Steve,

Simple and easy to manage is our core direction. Too many and not common used features putting on the UI may cause the complexity, especially for the beginner.

Thank you for your understanding. :o

In the market many device’s still in 2.4Ghz example IPTV and
now days smartphone device’s more advance which have 5.0Ghz.

To archive better connectivity for both Radio Band, “Band Steering” is a must to turn on…am I right?

Hi Steve,

Yes, Band Steering is needed for better connectivity if your wireless clients are mixed with 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.