Peplink Balance 580 Brick after 6.2.1 Upgrade

Yesterday I upgraded my device to Firmware 6.2.1 build 1465 without issue. Today I needed to power cycle my cable modem. After doing so I attempted to use the interface on the front of the Peplink to check WAN connectivity. None of the buttons on the device would respond. I powered down the peplink, waited 1 minute, powered it back on. The peplink display shows a solid line of dark squares. Nothing ever happens after that. I am not getting any routing functionality in this state.

I submitted a case to Peplink and am waiting to see what they say.

Has anyone else experienced any issues with this new firmware?


More then likely it is a HW issue in which they would issue a replacement

I have gotten confirmation that a replacement is going to be sent to me. My concern is that my device is only a couple months old. I was just really curious to see if anyone else experienced any Firmware related issues.