Peplink balance 50 just browsing https sites

Hi, I just got a new pep-link balance 50 and performed basic setup tasks but can´t make it to navigate to other sites different than https.
i tried to create new outbound rules and nothing happens. i´m stuck with this device, i have reviewed user manual and went over YouTube videos too
but can´t see anything different of what i´m doing.
I appreciate any help.
My intention is to distribute internet load between 3 adsl links


Do you tested the ADSL connections bypassing the Balance 50 ? Any issue for the internet connection ?

Beside that, can you share us the screenshots for the WAN settings & defined outbound policy here ? This will help to further understand the B50 setup and advice accordingly.

Thank You


Internet connection is fine, i tested it without peplink and worked great.

Just let me get the screenshoots of my configuration so you can review them



If you have security concerns to share the configuration here, do open a support ticket using the URL below and Peplink support will following up with you for the request.

Thank you

Thanks I already Open a support ticket and also I will share some pictures so you can comment about

I tried to make a custom outbound rule with all open just for testing (any network, any protocol, in my understanding it should work), and then my intention was to try restricting or securing protocols (Am I right??? I mean as a good practice)

Today (Nov 5th) navigation was fine (with “high application compatibility” rule that configured on Sunday), but on Sunday the pep-link did not reflect the changes in configuration (is it normal, how long does it takes??). So maybe that the problem was that the device did not reflect configuration changes (I also clicked on “APPLY CHANGES” button on top right corner even restarted the device couple times.

I suppose that https restricted navigation is due to the default custom outbound rule “https persistence”

What recommendations you have in custom rule, for standard web browsing?? specific protocols that I should leave open??

well thanks for your time and comments

Both of your WAN IP addresses are in the exact same range as the LAN and this will cause all sorts of routing issues. You should change the IP scope of your LAN to something different, like