Peplink Balance 380 / WatchGuard IPSEC VPN

We have a WatchGuard at our main location and Peplink Balance 380s at remote sites. Currently we are VPN connected via IPSEC. We have a Primary and Secondary ISP.
When setting up the IPSEC VPNs, under “Connect Upon Disconnection Of” there is NO option to roll over to another IPSEC instance (connect to our Secondary ISP).

Is there a way to work around this?


Hi Chris, it is referring to what secondary WAN connection you want to use to re-establish the IPSEC VPN back to your Watchguard at the main location in case the primary one fails. Thanks.

So if I have two IPSEC VPNs set up on a remote Peplink 380. The first IPSEC VPN points to the WatchGuard’s primary link (Verizon). When the WatchGuard rolls over to our secondary link (wireless), how can I have the remote Peplink 380 stop using IPSEC VPN tunnel 1 (which points to our primary link that just went down) and auto-failover to the second IPSEC VPN which points to the WatchGuard’s now secondary wireless link??

I would have thought that there would be a way on an IPSEC VPN tunnel to fail over to a secondary IPSEC configuration that points to a secondary ISP?


Hi Chris,

IPSEC fail over for different product may work differently & in some cases it’s difficult to fully achieve the auto fail-over. Below are the screenshot for Balance IPSEC fail-over require setup.

IPSEC fail-over for Balance only work for single IPSEC VPN tunnel profile.

I had do some google searching for WatchGuard:

Thank You

Hi Sitloongs,

Thank you for the info. Too bad the Peplink can’t fail over to another IPSEC VPN tunnel. We will try another way - perhaps using the Peplinks in Drop-In mode in front of our firewalls.


IPSec VPN failover normally achieved within the same product range, like Peplink - Peplink or Watchguard - Watchguard. This has been mentioned by Sit Loong on his findng here.

Thank you for your understanding. :slight_smile: