Peplink Balance 380 PPTP Server issue

I have Peplink Balance 380 firewalls at two locations. I use the built-in PTPP server on each to provide VPN access to each location. They’re both the same hardware revision (5) running the same current firmware (5.3.9 build 1676).

VPN access works properly at both locations. However, at only one location, PTPP connections always disconnect after exactly one hour. This happens regardless of whether or not that PTPP connection is active or idle.

How do I eliminate this one-hour timeout?

Hi Brandon,

Would you please obtain a diagnostic report from your unit?

And then send it to us via



The Peplink Team

Certainly, done just now. Thanks for giving it a look.

Cheers to Jason at Peplink tech support for spotting the cause of this issue.

On this LAN, the Peplink is not used to provide DHCP service. An internal DHCP server hands out addresses. The lease time was set to one hour on that DHCP server. When a PTPP client’s DHCP address expired, the PTPP connection dropped.

Today I upped the lease time, from one hour to one day, and sustained a test PTPP connection far beyond what was previously possible.

Thanks guys!